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Meet the maker:

I'm Tiffany, 28 years old, unapologetically myself & disgustingly happily married to the absolute love of my life, Alex. 
We have 3 dogs: Daisy (hound mutt), Kevin & Nakita (Both great danes)
1 cat: Karen (Her name is very fitting to her personality)
2 axolotls: Henry & Louise
A multitude of fish
& 70+ plants

 We hope that someday infertility treatments will pay off and our family will be completed with a child to boss our furry critters around, but until that day comes, we're just trying to live the best possible lives that we can!

• I'm a sassy, goth loving, moon obsessed, ally to all, coffee junkie, you'll see that reflected in a lot of my designs but I do try to carry something for everyone! Please always feel free to reach out with requests, I'm happy to fulfill any as long as they're not discriminatory. • 

•In true ADHD fashion, I can't settle for just one or two things so you'll find that I offer a large variety of items and I'm always adding new things! However what stays consistent across all of my products is that whenever possible, I source from other small businesses, from the physical items to my packaging materials and everything in between, if its available from a small business, thats where I'm shopping! Be sure to check out our page of recommended small businesses! 


• When you choose to support me and my small business, you're supporting so much more than I could ever put in to words as being a mother is the one thing I want the most in this world, my profits allow me to pursue that dream through infertility treatments, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me along this journey. •
Our wedding day was an absolute dream.

Btw, I actually look homeless 99% of the time.

  Kevin & Nakita 

 ↑ Queen Daisy
 ↑ Baby Karen 
 ↑ Henry and Louise